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Marjan The Lion of Kabul

Since 9/11, numerous news articles stirred world-wide sentiment about the plight of the Kabul Zoo and its injured lion, Marjan - the victim of a grenade attack by an angered Taliban. Animal lovers and zoos worldwide are raising funds to again make the Kabul Zoo a vital cultural institution.

BBC Story

Update on Kabul Zoo from Le Monde
Video on Marjan

Proceeds from the sale of these pieces will support this effort.

Study w/wood base
12" x 6.5" x 5"
Edition: 30
Marjan Maquette
Marjan (mid-size)

"Marjan" Maquette w/mounting pins   
35" x 18" x 12"         
Edition: 20

"Marjan" Memorial size w/mounting pins   
6.5' x 3.4' x 2.5'        
Edition: 6